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Kanako Yasaka is the Stage 6 Boss on Mountain of Faith. She is Moriya Shrine's official goddess because she defeated Suwako Moriya in the Great Suwa War. Even though she was victorious, she still let Suwako hang around the shrine because she considered her a "fellow" goddess. 


During the events of Mountain of Faith, Kanako ordered Sanae to shut down the Hakurei Shrine to make Moriya Shrine the dominant shrine, but failed because of the strength of Reimu and Marisa.

Back StoryEdit

Kanako gave Utsuho Reiuji nuclear powers before the events of Subterranean Animism. Kanako whispered to Utsuho that if she swallowed the god, Yatagarasu, Utsuho would be able to receive the powers of nuclear fusion. However, Utsuho misunderstood what she said and tried to use those nuclear powers to take over Gensokyo.


Species Goddess of Wind and Rain (not native to Gensokyo)


The ability to create Sky; able to summon Onbashira


Unknown, the Great Suwa War in which Kanako was victorious was approximately 2300 years ago


Moriya Shrine's Goddess, Scientist (Amateur)


Wind God's Lake at Moriya Shrine

Description: Has an elaborate red shirt with long white sleeves and a round mirror over the center of her chest. Wears a long black skirt with a red flower print hem. Has poofy intense blue hair and dark red eyes. Behind her is a large twisting rope circle shimenawa with shide. (Decoration Purpose)


  • Titles:
  • The Avatar of Mountains and Lakes (TH10)
  • God that Likes Hills (TH12.5)
  • Independent and Inflexible God (WaHH)
Kanako Yasaka